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Kim Kardashian in tight leather outfit

Kim Kardashian, the world’s most super hot and most curvaceous sex goddess, loves cameras’ attention and she keeps on getting the same every time she comes out in public. She is pregnant and the pregnant Kim Kardashian is followed heavily as well.

Not only do her fans follow her but also the photographers do the same as well to capture the pictures and the stories from her personal and official life. Kim had said that she would not wear the maternity wear anytime soon and she certainly sticks to her rule aptly.

On Tuesday, she came out wearing the tight leather outfit. The orange colored leather outfit was clung to her pregnant figure and she was wearing the long heels – really painful in pregnant condition. But the babe sticks to her usual fashion statements.

She was heavily followed by the fans and photographers throughout the day and she loved all this. Well, everyone is hungry for fame and Kim is no exception.