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Katie Price promoting swimwear and lingerie collection while covered up

Katie Price promoteing her lingerie range and swimwear

Katie Price has recently showcased her swimwear collection in London by shedding much of her cloths but this time at Store Twenty One in Worthing she was fully covered. While being in jeans and t-shirt she holds a range of designs. There was a huge crowd of fans to see the model. The 30-years-old and mother of three was not in mood to reveal more to her fans. So fans has to wait more to explore more areas.

Katie Price promoting lingerie range and swimwear in London studio

Dita Von Teese promoting Von Follies lingerie collection

The beautiful Dita Von Teese has released here latest lingerie line. She has selected a group of models to promote her product. The shortlisting was done on the basis of body curves and she showed her dis-interest with the skinny models to showcase her undies.

She said: “Of course I want to show all different types and more voluptuous girls. We gave a lot of models the axe for being too skinny — we probably turned away a dozen.
“It’s important to me we show curvaceous women and fuller-figured girls. Lingerie looks terrific on girls with shape.”

She also stopped her models to do any artificial tanning and said, “I really wanted natural skin tones and not the fake orange glow, I want the real thing.”
In her twitter account she wrote “Disaster averted! Just issued out a “no spray tan” alert to our models. Apparently, spray tan is the usual prep for lingerie shows. Yikes!”

Gisele Bundchen soon coming in the billionaire category

Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen

There is huge success of the lingerie line launched by Gisele Bündchen which is heading her to become first supermodel billionaire in near future. She has earned $45 million in 2010-2011, according to Forbes. She has launched the lingerie company in association with Hope in last May and given her own brand name, “Gisele Bündchen Brazilian Intimates”. It is a big hit in many countries like Latin America, Japan, Portugal and Israel. She has released 40-piece collection in stores of BRAZIL which reported a 40% increase in turnover. Soon her range will be available throughout world.

Because of the sale by this collection she along with her husband got title of Highest Paid Celebrity Couple in 2011 which is higher than Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Seeing the success of Bundchen another 26-year-old supermodel Bar Rafaeli has also announced a new lingerie line that will be called as Under.me. It will sell underwear collection for men and women online in the UK.

Bar Rafaeli