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Lindsay Lohan’s navel shown from the frock

Lindsay Lohan’s name is synonymous with marvelous beauty, elegance and class though she is much notorious in the world due to her petty crimes. She keeps on doing the wrong things and then she keeps on appearing on the courts. But on the other hand, Lohan has another life – the life that is ritzy and glittery. She keeps on appearing on the magazine covers and even her nude photo shoot for Playboy gave her bigger limelight as well.

Well, Lohan appeared on the premiere of the movie, ‘Liz & Dick’ on Tuesday evening to attend the dinner for the celebration of the premiere. She copied the style of the Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor on the occasion by wearing the costume like Taylor.

The trashy frock revealed much of Lindsay’s skin-show even at times it flaunted off her navel’s ring. The babe was looking handsomely gorgeous and sexiest. The cleavage too was making her more beautiful.