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Luisa Zissman’s lesbian act and steamy pictures in birth suit

Luisa Zissman’s fame is due to her getting roped into this year’s The Apprentice. She is among the 16 contestants and she is feeling proud and enjoying every bit of it. The babe has turned out to be a celeb already though the show will make her a real one very soon.

Well, she recently enjoyed some steam with her female friend as she kissed her and then she took the sunbath in her birth suit. A friend of her posted the pictures on Facebook and there are also more saucy pictures of the classy and super sexy babe.

She is found kissing a friend in one of the pictures. Luisa is a mother of one and 25-year-old.

In other pictures, she is found in her stark nakedness on the beach with her female pals. Wow is the word comes out of the mouth seeing her utter steamy pictures and all that.