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Tunisian editor arrested for publishing nude cover of Lena Gercke with footballer Sami Khedira

Sami Khdeira with Lena Gercke

A photograph of German-Tunisian footballer Sami Khedira embracing his naked model girlfriend Lena Gercke was published in German edition of GQ magazine where he was concealing her breasts with his arms. The picture was re-published in the newspaper Etounsia and it resulted in arrest of paper’s editor, Nasreddine Ben Saida. Three journalists were also arrested for indecency and for questioning by a judge. The union of journalists are very angry over the incident and they are saying that the move is to suppress the freedom of the press and journalists”.

Sami Khdeira with naked Lena Gercke

Jennifer Lopez naked for perfume ad

Jenifer Lopez's new perfume ad

A new perfume fragrance “Glowing” ad feature naked Jennifer Lopez. The perfume is consisting of vanilla, cassia flowers, silky musk, and cypress. This is eighteenth fragrance by the 42-year-old J Lo.

She said, “Glowing is such a clean fragrance…That’s what I’ve always been about. I like soapy, clean smells. This is a very woodsy scent. So it’s not exactly what I created 10 years ago — it’s the evolution of that.”

“Fashion and fragrance, they go hand in hand because they have to do with style. They have to do with an expression of yourself. To me, they fit together very well,” Jennifer added about the similarities between her Kohl’s fragrance and her Kohl’s fashion and home collection.

New York Gaints lose Super Bowl = 50 Cent posting nude picture

50 Cent

Here is a news from 50 Cent who agreed to post nude picture on twitter if New York Giants lose the Super Bowl. One of his followers has challenged him to post a naked photograph in case of defeat of his team against New Englnad Patriots on February 5. The rapper (Curtis Jackson) has accepted the challenge.