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How to Become a Fashion Model – Tips

How to become a fashion model is what a number of males who would like to join in the fashion and modeling industry are found seeking always. Although female models have grabbed the entire market of fashion industry and they are sought after hugely by the brands and fashion labels, but male models too are in good demand. Thus males do not have to be worried about at all since the market is big.

Now how to become a fashion model is what they should seek and learn to slip into the industry with gusto and aplomb.

Remember the competition in the field is pretty tough and you have to show and prove your mettle in the field.

First of all, get into shape and try to get in the best shape. There is no need to do heavy workout sessions to get prominent muscles and abs. Just get your body structure toned up and fit.

If you have black spots under your eyes, try to remove them by having proper eight hours sleep and do make your habit to drink lot of water.

If your face has pimples or there are blackheads on the nose, instantly remove all of them to get a neat face.

You have to be clean from head to feet.

Be confident but don’t be over confident.

Get good eye catchy profile and photos of yourself to produce to get works.

Kate Upton’s photoshoot for Italian Vogue

Well, this babe is the one whom the definition of utter sex appeals fits to all levels. She is a bombastic sex goddess with superb sexy curves and the oomph factor which kills the men. Kate is a class in herself. Her intimate and sexy photo shoots always make the mark. She is the most sought after model and she is searched heavily on search engines.

Recently she posed for the Italian version of Vogue magazine. She went for wearing the trench coat underneath it, she just wore a black bra and she was laced with heavy amount of diamonds.

Kate, 20, looked simply stunning and sparkling in this hot shoot. She was equipped with diamonds and she loved getting adorned with the same. Kate, the famed The Sports Illustrated model, wears the diamonds on various parts of her body such as in ears, on hands, wrist and neck. Interestingly, none of the diamonds was small.

She was given the Marilyn Monroe’s look in the photoshoot. The trench coat is expected to raise the fashion trend in the days to come.

Kelly Brooke launches second lingerie collection

Kelly Brook, the real sex bomb of the entertainment abode, is on high on news once again. This babe loves being under limelight and the camera surely follows her and scans her every move whether on her personal front or professional. Well, Brook has done a fabulous and utmost sexy photoshoot for a lingerie brand.

She already has many lingerie and swimwear photo shoots under her belt and this new has now been added to her repertoire. She has launched her second lingerie line for New Look. Reports have it that this babe has modeled the latest collection in much sexy and heart-hitting hot photos for a high street chain.

In one of the photos, Kelly poses sexily in a hot white set and she looks pretty hot with seductive smoky eyes and the style of 60s.The lingerie collection features leopard print sets, polka dot designs, lace and silky chemise.

She chips in that she is super thrilled with her second lingerie collection.