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How to Work as a Male Model?

Male modeling these days is getting much projection. Today is not the world where the women only are getting benefits from the trade. Males too are getting the fruits. Thus enjoy the field. Male modeling requires you to have good looks, outgoing attitude and professional training.

Before you step into the field, do the following.

Make Your Good Appearance

Your appearance has to be gripping. Poses count and in poses, the appearance counts the most. You obviously cannot control on your height and facial features, but you surely can have hold on your looks. Make your looks great. Make your abdominal muscles appealing since many shoots are done without shirt on.


Training is super essential in modeling. You have to get trained by some professionals in the field. You need to know how to project and product for your promotion – how to walk on runway and pose for the cameras – all this will be done by training.

Portfolio Photos

Your portfolio needs to be professionally made. Hire some quality photographic to do the job since portfolio will fetch in works for you.

Katy Perry wears floral frock and grey coat

Milky beauty, Katy Perry, who is termed the milky beauty often by this writer due to her milky skin which keeps on sparkling all the time. The white complexion with ritzy shines always grabs the attention of the people. She is crowd puller – not only because of her singing and stage persona but also for her marvelous and magical beauty.

Perry has biggest fan following in the world. Admit, majority of the fans love her due to her marvelous and catchy style of singing and her classy rendition but many get mesmerized by her beauty and sex appeal. At various events happening around the world, Katy is invited over to perform. Well, this babe never leaves any opportunity to capture the camera’s attention  which is why she keeps on doing the wilder and weird things in life.

Her sexy and wild photoshoots ad values to her repertoire and her stardom. Lately Katy went for John Mayer’s birthday celebrations taken place at The Box in New York where her fashion style landed into headlines and the media was found talking big about on it.

She chose a feminine floral frock which she paired with a chic grey coat. She turned a classy and stylish babe as usual.

Sofia Vergara slips into a black lingerie

No one can deny the beauty and the enormous sex appeal of the beauty with brains Sofia Vergara. This Columbian sex explosion is much famous for her revealing the body parts in plenty. Her trademark is showing off the deep cleavage and for her rounded assets, which she puts into much deep show all the time, bring in huge fan following for her in the entire world.

Her fan following brings her the mammoth business for films and brands all the time. She lands into the money-making business all the time – if no films then she is busy with brand endorsements and photo shoots. Well, more than movies, Vergara is seen quite high in fashion photo shoots.

Sofia has been fetched into the specially arranged photo shoot for the April issue of Esquire in which she wears the much revealing lingerie. This black laced with net lingerie shows much skin rather the milky skin of this sex goddess. Well, do see the lip-smacking picture of this Columbian bombshell.