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Pregnant supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio poses nude for diamonds ad

Supermodel and the famed Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio is pregnant these days. She has turned pregnant for the second time but since she will soon deliver the baby as the time is fast approaching, she nonetheless does not stop working. She recently posed for a diamonds’ ads in nude.

In a new advertisement for the Vivaria jewelry line, the gorgeous-stunning and sexy Alessandra Ambrosio went nude wearing the jewelry. She wore diamonds filled rings, bracelets and earnings from the jewelry line. The ad was shot by the famed photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott and it is called one of the fewer modeling jobs, she has done in the condition of pregnancy.

The ravishing supermodel has now plans to hit the catwalk once her baby is born. She has revealed the gender of the baby saying she is going to give birth to a son. She mentions that she already has the jobs planned to be done post her baby’s birth.

Menounos, Dancing with the Stars’ contestant, poses nude

Menounos is the super gorgeous and sexiest contestant of Dancing with the Stars show going on colossally grabbing good ratings for the channel. Well, this beautiful and curvaceous damsel has gone nude for Allure magazine. She poses nude for Allure’s annual celebrities’ nude portfolio – the magazine’s ‘Look Better Naked’ issue.

The 33-year-old sex bomb is no stranger to the skin-show rather she has been doing it since long. She has also done it for the channel ABC’s competition. The Extra’s host, Menounos dolled up the revealing bathing suits on stage as a teen beauty queen. She goes on telling that it does not bother her at all to wear the skimpy clothes.

She also admits openly in the interview to the magazine that the thought of getting pregnant and gaining much weight on body always frightens her the most. For the nude photoshoot for the magazine, she lies down backside up. She looks supremely sexy and seeing her you will certainly get the huge bulge inside the pants.