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How to Stand Like a Male Model – Useful Tips

How to stand like a male model is what many aspiring models seek. Remember, each modeling agency possesses its own requirements for their models to be such as particular heights, clothing size, weight and some other things. But one requirement all agencies carry – a male who can carry himself with confidence.

There are certain agencies who train their male models as per their requirements and even how to stand in a particular manner is also what is told to the models.

There are few specific instructions of how to stand like a male model.

You should stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. This will surely help you keep your balance.

You need to flex your knees a bit. If you are going to lock your knees, you will enhance the risk of passing out.

You need to stand in a way that your back should be straight and shoulders held back. Mind you, good posture is vital for many modeling agencies.

You need to strike a pose required by your modeling agency like you could be asked to put your hands into your trousers’ pockets, etc.

Keep the face serious unless asked by the photographer or the agency to put smile on.

Tips for improving catwalk

Modeling does entice. And since this job is laced with the swanky effects and it is ritzy, it is attention-grabbing and the sparkles attached to this world drag the people off their feet. Ladies in particular gets allured more than men. Well, girls, if you like becoming a model and want to ignite the ramp with your catwalk, then do grab the skills of the trade first. And if you already have slipped into this profession and are the newcomers in the industry, you have to improve the techniques of catwalk. Below are presented the lucrative techniques of improving the catwalk.

Trying Out All Types of Shoes

Having your balance on the ramp with the shoes is a very important thing. Thus you have to make practice with all types of shoes. In addition, do practice with the high heels. Then go for practicing with stilettos, clogs and shorter shoes. Make your balance almost with every kind of shoes while you walk on the ramp. You never know at all what a designer or your stylist confer you with at the time of catwalk. Thus be confident and practiced with all kinds of shoes – long heeled, shorter and all.

Working on Posture

After you have practiced with shoes, next step is to make working on the posture. By pushing the shoulders back and then tilting the pelvis forward and then upward, you may do the practice. Do lean back a little since this is called the perfect posture for a model to walk of the ramp. Continuous practice of posture will help you make it natural.

Tapping the Floor

While you walk on the ramp, do stretch the legs far to take the steps. Be sure to avoid the baby strides. Do put your load on the toes by pressing your feet onto the floor via the toes. Avoid walking by putting the load on the heels rather put the weight on the toes and the rest load on the center of your feet.

Recording the Walk

While you do the catwalk, place a video camera that can record it. Post the recording, do check your walk – whether it was correct with right balance on your shoes and feet. The posture was apt or not, etc.

Asking a Friend to Click the Photos

Ask your pal to take the pictures while you walk the ramp. And do allow him/her for the constructive criticism on your work.