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Courteney Cox reveals assets in purple bikini

Courteney Cox is the woman of Hollywood entertainment industry whose endless amount of sex appeal, the most curvaceous body structure, stunning beauty and the classy attraction hit the man hard and the man cannot help getting mad for this woman. She is the one who makes the men feel the bigger heat inside the trousers. The men are left with whopping bulge after they see her.

She often slips into bikini to show off her bigger assets and the curvy figure and the media persons do not leave the chance to click the pictures. She is 48 and still is utterly sexy rather more than sexier than the youngsters.

She was in Miami Beach, Florida few days back with her daughter and sister. She enjoyed the vacations fully and she slipped into her trademark style in bikini flaunting off the curves and the sexiest assets.

She showed off her curves in purple bikini from her hotel’s ocean side balcony.