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Italian MP Nicole Minetti flaunts killer curves in revealing bikini

When the celebs go naked or they shoot naked or when they appear half naked in revealing outfits, all eyes get fixed on them. Every eye gets curious to peep into the pictures and see them live in front. They appear really delectable and a treat to watch since they are public properties.

And when a politician in particular a female politician gets naked or goes semi nude in revealing outfits, the eyes get more focused with super eagerness and likeness.

The same happened with the Italian MP Nicole Minetti, who was recently spotted in super revealing bikini in Mexico. The babe with super curvaceous figure flaunted off her killer curves and sexy body in two piece while soaking up the sun on Christmas in Mexico.

The hardly there two-piece made her super gorgeous, stylish and sexier. She dragged the eyes of all out there including the paparazzi who did not drop the golden and unique opportunity to snap the babe.

You may see how hot Nicole is through the pictures attached to this piece. She is a real class and one cannot take eyes off while seeing her photos. What you say, guy?

Mel B exposes the curves in much revealing bikini

Mel B is the woman of the singing trade, who is much notorious for her sizzling outfits, performances and the nearly nude outfits she keeps on wearing them to entice the fans. She is known for not covering up her curves which she would love to flaunt off to the fans spread all over the globe.

She has been in Australia for a judge’s job at a reality show since quite some time and she has been on way to let the people out there to feel the heat she’s been displaying while showing off the nearly naked body on the beaches and on the boats.

On Sunday, Mel B took time out especially for her daughters to slip into the pool at the Park Hyat Hotel in Sydney. Former Spice Girls star slipped into a teeny tiny bikini with her two daughters.

Mel, 37, seemed really at home as she walked around the swimming pool getting clad in much revealing bikini which was leaving nothing to imagination. She was not shy at all and she was more concerned about having fun with the daughters. All of them spent time and the entire day in the pool and poolside.

In the mismatched bikini, Mel was really killing the people with her utmost sex appeal. Almost every part of her body was visible and all and sundry were enjoying the dusky sexy figure.

Rita Rusic’s killer curves on beach in revealing bikini

Miami beach turned real seductive and sexier when the sexiest babe, who is aged but does not show any signs of being aged, Rita Rusic came to hit the beach wearing tiny bikini that was revealing all. She showed off her radioactive tan in plenty. Rita, 52, arrived at the beach which is her top notch favorite being dressed in the bikini (bright green colored) flaunting off her ample curves.

Most of the time at the beach, Rita flaunted off her killer curves and svelte body structure to the onlookers. Paparazzi did not leave the golden chance to click the hottest pictures ever.  Rusic was there without her most beloved Jack Russell terrier and also she was devoid of her beau who is often sported with her on the beaches.

The Croatian born and Italian-raised curvy and super sexy woman at one time decided to wrap her body with a oversized cloth but then dropped the idea and went showing off the killer curves to the people out there.

She is still a seductress even being 52 and having two kids. Rita started off her career as an actress but then switched over to producing films and so far she has churned out more than 60 movies.