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Heidi Klum goes topless in a secret destination

The supermodel Heidi Klum is a name that is no stranger for the world. She has been enjoying stardom since long long time as she has been in the industry for many years. Her stardom is still as fresh as it was in her heydays. This is the worth of the model.

Heidi is always on the news headlines and she loves doing so. She has once again landed on the headlines with her new picture she posted online showing her topless.

She mentioned that she was in a tropical island for holiday where she went topless. It is a picture postcard which she gifted her fans.

Heidi, 39, posed topless on a sun lounger and in her back, there is a beautiful view of a sea with gorgeous sand. She posed a beautiful smile while laying on her stomach topless.

Heidi is dating her bodyguard Martin Kristen these days after the split from husband Seal. She says her bodyguard takes care of her kids well and they love him. Wow! great bodyguard not only guards the woman but also enjoys her, hmmm!

Heidi Klum poses completely naked for Allure’s May issue

Heidi Klum is the world renowned supermodel. Although she has turned 38 but she still has super sexy sparks in her curvaceous body that makes her and puts her into the eyes of the world masses. She is the central attraction of the globe’s media and the people across the planet earth. Klum still fetches the flash bulbs wherever she goes and hits the place.

The supermodel is always well in demand, which is why she is roped in to endorse the brands. She is the brand ambassador of many coveted brands. Heidi is seen walking the ramps, launching the products and events and igniting the parties, etc. In a capsule, this babe is super busy all the time. She recently filed for divorce from hubby Seal citing the irreconcilable differences at L.A court.

Well, coming to her most recent stunt, Heidi Klum has posed nude for Allure Magazine’s May Issue. She goes nude for the cover page of the magazine which will soon hit the stands. She covers her assets with her arm and her most private part with her the palm of her hand in the picture adorned on the cover page of the May Issue of Allure.

Supermodel Heidi Klum files for divorce from husband

Klum, supermodel and television host, has filed for divorce from her husband Seal, the famed singer on Friday in Los Angeles. Earlier this year, the pair had separated and their reps had made it confirmed.

When asked, Klum’s spokeswoman turned down the requests for further details on divorce filing. The spokeswoman told that Heidi soon would make an official statement on this matter. On the other hand, seal’s spokesman too did not give the further information about the divorce filing and made the silence on the matter.

A popular website unzipped the news about Heidi’s filing for divorce at Los Angeles court citing the irreconcilable differences. Both Heidi and Seal tied the knot way back in 2005 and the two has four kids together. In January this year, they separated after spending seven long romantic years together. Their breakup had really surprised the masses and the entertainment industry as they both were much close to each other.