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Sex face photos of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West revealed

Sex goddess Kim Kardashian and her current boyfriend rapper Kanye West’s sex face photos have been revealed. The pictures have been making the bigger rounds of the web and the media. Well, Kim is the one babe of Hollywood entertainment industry who is no stranger to scandals at all. We are very much aware and remember the home video this curvaceously sexy siren with larger assets had made with her then beau Ray J. And this was the video which made her famous and she turned a renowned celebrity and popular socialite.

Thus it is no surprise at all that she was caught again in sex face photos with present boyfriend Kanye. These pictures have been revealed by Now Magazine.

Both have been dating widely visiting many parts of the world, hitting the exotic places and shopping malls, etc. Apparently the love seems to be high in the air. Now let’s wait and see if Kanye West becomes the number three hubby of the sex bomb Kim Kardashian.