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Mel B exposes the curves in much revealing bikini

Mel B is the woman of the singing trade, who is much notorious for her sizzling outfits, performances and the nearly nude outfits she keeps on wearing them to entice the fans. She is known for not covering up her curves which she would love to flaunt off to the fans spread all over the globe.

She has been in Australia for a judge’s job at a reality show since quite some time and she has been on way to let the people out there to feel the heat she’s been displaying while showing off the nearly naked body on the beaches and on the boats.

On Sunday, Mel B took time out especially for her daughters to slip into the pool at the Park Hyat Hotel in Sydney. Former Spice Girls star slipped into a teeny tiny bikini with her two daughters.

Mel, 37, seemed really at home as she walked around the swimming pool getting clad in much revealing bikini which was leaving nothing to imagination. She was not shy at all and she was more concerned about having fun with the daughters. All of them spent time and the entire day in the pool and poolside.

In the mismatched bikini, Mel was really killing the people with her utmost sex appeal. Almost every part of her body was visible and all and sundry were enjoying the dusky sexy figure.

Mel B soaks up under sunshine on boat showing seductive curves in bikini

Mel B is enjoying Australia fully. Every other day, we get to learn a lot about the Spice Girl star. She has been enjoying vacationing period there along with professional commitments. She is the judge on the Australian version of X-Factor and she loves her job there and more than that she loves exploring the oceans in Australia on her luxury boat.

On Saturday, the curvaceous and dusky seductress enjoyed beautiful luxurious time with her hubby Stephan. Along with them, the actress Phoebe too enjoyed the blue waters.

Soon after the enjoyment, the classy songstress, 37, wasted no time at all in posting the pictures on her Twitter account. In the pictures, she is seen soaking up under the sunshine on the luxury boat which she calls Timeout.

In one of her hands, she was holding a glass of wine and in other, a cigarette. She was sipping and puffing away on the boat. Even she danced a lot. The hear-hitting sexy curves were making her a real damsel. The colorful bikini was leaving nothing for imagination.

Mel B flaunts assets in Sydney on her private boat

Mel B is the true charmer. Since she is Spice Girls star, she herself is utterly spicy in terms of sex appeal and steamy sexy body. The bigger assets woman is the one who loves flaunting off her curves in particular her larger assets through deep cleavage. We might say that showing off cleavage is her trademark. Well, she goes with the saying – if you possess something, why not to hide it? Good…audiences love it.

Melanie Brown is really enjoying life to the fullest after settling into Australia. She is living life king size these days over there. Recently she came out in Sydney and went on her own yacht with hubby Stephen. She and hubby took Mel B’s own private yacht for cruising around Sydney near her home.

She spent a true relaxed day on her boat with Stephen, her husband. She and husband even dipped into the cool water to get true enjoyment. Then she sat on the boat covering her body with towel but the upper part of her assets was vivid. It was a true holiday in Australia for the Spice Girls babe.