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The Trifecta Of Terrible: 3 Fashion Pitfalls of the Modern Man

The Trifecta Of Terrible: 3 Fashion Pitfalls of the Modern Man

Life is tough. Between work, friends and family, it’s no wonder that such nebulous concepts like ‘fashion’ are often left on the back burner. While we may not be able to turn you into James Franco, here are three common mistakes in grooming, style and fashion to avoid at all costs.

1) You are not a Movie Star.
Unless you ARE a movie star, and statistically your probably not, don’t try to look like one. Especially, don’t try to dress or style yourself like a character you saw in a movie. A Leather jacket and wraparound shades does not a Terminator make, and unless you work as hired muscle for a bond villain, this is something to be avoided. Similarly, adding a hat from the 1930s to your daily outfit does not make you look debonair, drop it for a short haircut and save the classic cover for Halloween. Think simplicity, and perhaps trendiness, never fabulous. You can definitely look fabulous, but don’t try to.

2) Long Live The 80s, But Not In Your Hair
The 80s were a great time, but that time is past. Mullets and ‘big hair’ in general is gone, and the slicked back oiled look is out on everyone but used car salesmen. As far as accessories, Aviators are out unless you are actually an aviator, anything that looks like it came directly off the hide of a jungle animal is a no go. People can and have wrote books on the styles of today, but a good rule of thumb is that if you saw it on Magnum, PI, let it stay there.

3) You Are Not A Billboard
This is a major mistake, especially for younger men. The so-called ‘Graphic’ clothes market has been slowly expanding like a multicolored tumor across the backs of the uninformed. The jackets that look like Picasso drew on your back with glitter are completely out. Burn them, give them to someone you don’t like, whatever. Unless you are going to a very specific event, like wearing a car shit to a car club meeting, shirts with words, quotes, full front or back pictures can go the same way. Double goes for clothes with giant branding. Nike is great, but don’t leave your house with a four foot tall swoosh on your back. Some shirts have a tiny little brand on a shoulder or breast pocket and that is OK, but avoid even that in anything resembling a professional setting.

A Bonus Tip: Here is something that a lot of people tend to leave out, but can actually make a huge difference, especially in a professional setting. Befriend a tailor. Custom fitting is not the exclusive purview of thousand dollar outfits and CEOs, and the world’s best outfit can still look less than perfect if it doesn’t fit right (and it probably doesn’t unless your body type is exactly that of a store mannequin). That said, custom tailoring does add a bit to the price of an outfit, but its far more reasonable than most people think. At the very least, hit up your favorite search engine or phone book and see what comes up.

And that is as they say, that. This is by no means a definitive guide to modern fashion, but if you keep these three tips in mind, you will avoid the worst of the worst.

About Author: Jason Bates is laid-back guy who is happiest when he is out running trails outside of his rural home. He also enjoys rock climbing, cooking with his wife of eight months, and recently discovered how to save money through regular credit score monitoring with the help of creditscore.net

How to Choose a Shirt That Fits

With so many different styles of shirt now available and with everybody suiting and feeling comfortable with certain styles, it can be a difficult task to find the right shirt for you, and more importantly, one which fits.

We take a look at the different styles available and how best to choose a style which will suit, and fit you!

Get Measured
The one thing men don’t do is have themselves properly measured. Unless you are visiting a tailor then most retailers will size their shirts based on neck size and arm length. It’s really important to know this and choose a suitable shirt. Remember you don’t want your collar to choke you to death, it should fit snugly but comfortably.

First and foremost get the occasion you are going to wear your shirt in right. Is it for a social occasion or a shirt you intend to wear in a more formal guise, such as work or a job interview? There will be some shirts which will also work in both situations but just be conscious of this.

Also important at this stage is whether you intend to wear a tie with the shirt or not. Though not impossible to match plaid, chequered and striped shirts are more difficult to match to ties.

Shirts will often come in a different range of fits. Different retailers will vary what these are called but they generally fit into 3 categories:

  • Tailored Fit – likely to fit closely to and hug your stomach and chest and arms.
  • Slim Fit – like a tailored fit shirt these shirts won’t be as slim fitting around the stomach as a tailored fit shirt
  • Classic/Standard Fit – shirts of this type typically have no tailoring at all.

You preferred fit will often depend on your body shape, but as a very general rule men with a more athletic physique will better suit tailored and slim fit shirts. Men with a rounder frame will suit a classic fit.

Like fits collars breakdown into even more different types. Rather than try and remember the name of each one just remember that a collar frames your neck and your face. You can therefore use a collar to balance yourself out; for example if you have a long neck and face got for a shorter cut away collar. If you face tends to be more round opt for a spread or long collar to help your face look longer.

About Author: Hayden Taylor are specialists in designer menswear. From Ralph Lauren Sweatpants, to Laine Taylor Shirts, they cater for a range of occassions and styles.

Top Five Spring Celebrity Fashion Trends

Perfect Pastels

Think peach, lemon sherbet, tea rose, lilac and aqua this springtime for a fresh on-trend look. Clash pastel colours together, like ‘The Help’ actress Ahna O’Reilly does below with her gorgeous yellow underlay and hem with those fabulous lilac Casadei suede wedge heels. For a high-street flash of colour, look no further than Gap this Spring – they have a fantastic array of colour-popping pastels for you to get your fashion fix. These relaxed ‘boyfriend shorts’ strike the ideal balance between gorgeously girly and summer cool.


Trend Alert! Flatforms

These new shoes are bound to be a massive hit this Spring/Summer, with big names such as Derek Lam, Prada and Chanel getting behind the new design. So what exactly are these ‘flatforms’? Much like the name suggests they are flat-platforms – perfect for long walks on the beach, where you want to have the height without the killer heel. These look great with a  pair of skinny jeans or a floaty skirt. Total wardrobe must-have for the spring season

Suited and Booted

Menswear as the new Womenswear ? It’s going to be a big hit in 2012, with designers such as Stella McCartney getting behind the classic suit for their Spring Collections. But workwear does not have to be boring, Alexa Chung does an amazing job of glamorizing this grey suit with some classic stilettos. The jacquard panel on the trousers adds some femininity to the outfit. Worn with a classic white shirt, this simple outfit is ideal for looking fantastic in the office, or for a more exciting occasion could be dressed up with silks and heels.

Out of this World!

This spring trend has real universal appeal! Perfect for summery nights out under the stars, galaxy print has taken off. Jessie J is looking out of this world in this printed cat suit. This trend was ignited by the legendary Christopher Kane, and has since become a must-have look amongst celebrities and fashionistas alike. Whilst some might not dare-to-bare all in such a revealing cat suit, designers Rag & Bone offer an amazing pair of jeans (£150 @ ASOS) that are sure to generate the same level of astronomical interest! Team it with some high white ‘space’ boots or a metallic belt for an on-trend outfit.

Road Trip

Whoever would have thought that tires and exhaust pipes would make for high end fashion? Well, Prada’s Spring/ Summer collection is here to prove all skeptics wrong. These cute 50s style pastel prints are the perfect choice for a picnic, or even a roadtrip further afield. From jackets to amazing clutch bags (excuse the pun) the collection is a must-have for all label-lovers. But don’t despair if your purse strings are a little tight this month, as we’ve spotted the absolute bargain highstreet copy in Primark! For a fraction of the price you can be in the fashion fast lane – genius.

Written By Rebecca from Chillisauce Stag weekends and Hen parties, who specialise in  stag weekend packages and hen weekend ideas.