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Amy Childs says boobs’ weight is like an elephant on her chest

The very gorgeous …rather…very sexiest babe of the tinsel town, Amy Childs, well you guys will agree with me when I term her ‘very sexiest’ as she is, has said in an interview that after getting her second boobs implants, she feels as if she has an elephant sitting on her chest. Well, you obviously will feel so, as you made them much bigger and their weight would certainly be like an elephant now, hmmm.

She has increased her boob size from 32CC to 32DD. Amy, 22, had her second boob job now. Despite the big weight of the boobs and the pain she is undergoing these days after the surgery, Childs is much excited and thrilled for her sexiest curves. The operation took place last week where her beau David Peters, the former Take Me Out contestant, came to meet her up.

She admits that the second boob job hurt her more than she received first time but she says that this pain would worth it in the end.