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Top 10 fashion designers

There are some people  that have managed to leave their mark in fashion history and inspire new designers for years to come. People like: Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren and Valentino Garavani. This is a list about those and other people that have managed to win their place in ‘The top 10 fashion designers” of all time.

At number 10 we have Elsa Schiaparelli, an Italian designers that loved surrealistic art and it showed in her work. Her offbeat designs were the first to introduce the “shocking pink” color in the fashion world. Born an aristocrat, but a rebel at heart she fought her way to independency and became popular in Paris in the period 1924-1940 with her unusual clothing with whimsical elements.

Number 9 is Christian Dior, the French designer that revolutionized the way women dressed after WW II. unclear to this day circumstances.  Today, John Galliano carries out Diors legacy and does a pretty good work at it.

Roy Halston Frowick (or just Holston) is the 8th most influential designer of all time. His silky and sexy designs became the symbol of the 1970s and the disco culture. The famous designer dressed people such as: Jackie Kennedy, Liz Taylor, Liza Minelli and Bianca Jagger. Unfortunatelly his drug addiction and AIDS led to his fast downfall in 1988.

At 7 we have Calvin Klein who like Halston became popular in the 70s. But his stripped down, modern designs reigned for decades to come. His ads became famous for their sexuality and ability to shock, which did bring him success.

Ralph Lauren, the nemesis of Calvin Klein is at number 6. The born in Bronx Ralph first became famous with his flashy neckwear and then with his signature polo shirts that came in every color of the rainbow. To this day he stands like a giant in the fashion world.

Number 5 in the “Top  10 fashion designers” is taken by Gianni Versace. The Italian with open homosexuality picked up a lot from his mother, who owned a little tailoring shop. Murdered in 1997, Versace left behind glamorous pieces of work, inspired by art( both modern and ancient) that made the 80’s a golden age for fashion.

At 4th place , Valentino Garavani is certainly someone to be mentioned. A passionate fashion-lover from early childhood, he strived to perfect  his designs. His signature are the dramaric scarlet dresses. A lover of luxury and beauty he lives and works to this day.

The bronze goes to Giorgio Armani, another Italian with unique vision that is popular with his menswear. His clothes send the message of confidence and are a symbol of high status. Armani certainly had his ups and downs but to this day continues to be one of the most influential fashion designers out there.

The Silver belongs to no other but Yves Saint Laurent. A talent from young age, he quickly made it up the ladder, becoming the protégé of Dior and inheriting his fashion house at the age of 21. However a nervous breakdown following his military service robbed him of his position in the Dior house. After long treatment he rebounded in the 60s and 70s with his own line and stunning new designs. But by 1887 he was once again in the abyss of drugs and alcohol and left his work to other designers.

And the gold medal goes to Coco Chanel, the french woman that invented the modern women’s sportswear and proved that there can be style without sacrifice. An intelligent and seductive woman , she started her business with funds from her 2 wealthy lovers and slowly grew it into an empire. To this day her vintage designs remain popular and wearable.

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