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Trends to keep and delete in 2012

2012 has hit now with much oomph and vigor. The liveliness is vivid all over the world. Fashion is what that keeps changing and with every new year, it witnesses more changing and brings new trends to follow. Here are presented the new fashion trends for the year 2012. The article will let you know which trends to keep and which to delete from your repertoire.

Check the Trend to Keep: Red

Get dressed like the sex bombshells of Hollywood and doll up the bonbon apple red frocks and do wear the lipsticks which match up with the dress. Your goal is to dress to slaughter the people.

Check the Trend to Delete: Orange

Orange has been with many stars’ fashion agendas and a number of Hollywood celebs have been wearing the color in plenty. But in year 2012, it is simply a ‘No’.

Check the Trend to Keep: Maxis and Minis

Maxis and Minis, though have been treading since long among the ladies and in their wardrobes and even they are often seen being worn by the celebrities, will continue to be worn in the year 2012.

Check the Trend to Delete: Midi Skirts

Midi skirts have been much in and been used by the celebs even but in current year, this fashion trend is a big ‘No’.

Check the Trend to Keep: Ankle Socks

It’s obvious that wearing a mini skirt looks superbly cute with big heels and ankle socks. Keep this fashion statement up in 2012.

Check the Trend to Delete: Stars

Star prints were much in last year and the models in particular were sported with these outfits. Delete these fashion trends from your wardrobe now.

Check the Trend to Keep: Yellow

Yellow color is really appealing and it certainly electrifies your wardrobe. Put it into your fashion statements in year 2012.