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Victoria Secret’s model Candice Swanepoel talks about her sex side

Candice Swanepoel is the world famed model. She says that she loves Brazil more than her own country and New York. She tells to the media about her first visit to Brazil when she was just 17 years old. She also shows off her preference for Brazil to any other South American country or her own country South Africa.

Candice says that Brazil has a raw sexual energy which lets her to be herself and that is what she loves the most about the country.

Candice, the Victoria’s Secret model, reveals that she was the sexual babe from the very younger age and Brazil did not hide that side of her like her own country did.

The blonde kitten reveals that she was really sexy when she was a teen age girl and she mentions that in South Africa, the controversial place, it was much difficult for her to pursue her dream of modeling.

The model goes on mentioning that Brazil brought out everything out of her making her the best model with lot of sexual energy.

Her perfect Brazilian day for her is to have sex and then have a perfect nap. She tells that her preference is undoubtedly Brazil over New York and South Africa.

Aussie model Miranda Kerr shows legs in Manhattan

Miranda Kerr – well, there is no need at all to knit words on the babe’s beauty, sex appeal and her mammoth world fame that she enjoys being Victoria Secret’s model. The supermodel is a class in herself always. The Aussie babe’s every move is scanned by the paparazzi.

Miranda always manages to look impeccable and immaculate whether she is modeling for Victoria’s underwear or comes out having son in lap. She never loosens her style at all. Kerr is a stylish babe and her style statements are what are followed by the upcoming models and the girl fans in the world. Thus how can she leave getting herself adorned?

On Friday, she headed to meeting with someone in Manhattan and she was no different at all with her son in her lap. She was clad in a smart black jacket. The mother-of-one catwalk queen displayed her legs in abundance for the view of the public out there. The shiny creamy legs were looking gorgeous.

Beneath the coat, the black skirt was visible and Miranda completed her look with a pair of large shades. She wore her tresses in loose curls falling over the shoulders. The bright lip color lipstick made her simple wow.