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Miranda Kerr in bras and panties for Victoria’s Secret’s shoot

Australia’s supermodel, who has biggest fan following in the entire world, Miranda Kerr is the one babe who is all the time laced with utmost works which hardly get her free to find time for her, her baby and hubby. Nonetheless this super busy Victoria’s Secret model takes out time for her personal life. That’s the beauty of Kerr.

She is the attraction of the ramps…she is the central focus of the modeling shows…she is the loving babe of the photoshoots…she is the one and only option for the brand endorsements. Well, in short, Miranda Kerr is the one fashion world revolves around her.

She recently posed for Victoria’s Secret’s bras and panties photoshoot. This shoot grabbed the attention of the fashion world and every eyeball outside the fashion abode. Over the web, the craziness for this photoshoot was widely vivid as well. Her fans seem crazy to dip the nose to get the details and see the pictures from this shoot. We have few for you. Check them out.