Choosing Your Bridal Accessories

There is hardly anything quite as heartwarming and full with a flutter of hope as the beginning of a new life joined together with your loved one. As women we know all too well the importance of what our wedding day should be – not only a moment of happiness but also of beauty, serenity and harmony. We are often too worried about the way we look and let me tell you no matter who you are if you are wearing the dress you will want to be perfect for that perfect little moment when you say “I do!”. So how do you choose the right accessories as a bride then you might ask? Well I will do my best to help you with that based at least on my own personal experience and from talking to wedding planners and new brides. If you want to look fabulous and dazzling so you can provoke that dreamy look in the eyes of your future husband you will need to prepare. I will begin with:

The Wedding Dress
Now since this is the number one you will need to choose a dress which complements your taste, personality and temperament. For the most part choosing something way too fantastic might sound like a good idea but at the end of the day you will need to be yourself. The dress itself needs to underscore who you are rather than hide it – keep that in mind as you make your choice and if you’re having second thoughts or you wonder what the right choice might be ask a bridal consultant and they will give you an expert answer. And remember the groom is not supposed to see it until the fateful moment!

I believe that the natural look reinforces your personality and who you are but I understand the desire to be different. From what I’ve seen you should create an enhanced image of yourself without going too far. There is no point in preparing an outlandish haircut that makes you look kitschy – you are beautiful the way you are with perhaps only small alterations to show the important significance of the big day.

They are a wonderful way to show your splendor, the inner goddess that lives inside us. Thanks to the recent Royal wedding tiaras are becoming once again more popular and with the variety out there you’ll have a chance to pick from a good number of them. The tiara might have flowers or feathers depending on your taste and choices so feel free to find the combination that feels most natural to what you love and cherish.

You can easily find it in a variety of mediums such as movies, books and art. Will you be the equivalent of Kahlan from the Sword of Truth series with her simplistic, elegant white dress or one of the classic stars of Hollywood history? Whatever your choices remember to use your imagination and to have fun since this is your day, a once in a lifetime experience that will be one of the most special moments many dream to experience.

Have a wonderful, happy marriage ahead of you and lots of joy in the coming years!

About Author: This guest post has been written by Angela Harpert on behalf of Brompton Moving

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