Best Fabrics for Best Wedding Dress

Wedding dress is a special one and it requires best fabrics for its best appearance. You know for sure that there are lots of fabrics which are made especially for wedding dress and they are always elegant in look and comfortable to wear. If you are planning your wedding, this article may be beneficial for you.

Chiffon Silk

Chiffon is common to almost all wedding dresses. But some designers prefer to use chiffon silk fabric combined with weave satin adding glossy and elegance finish. The good thing about this fabric is its airy and light fabrication characteristic. This fabric can reveal the feminine side of the bride.


It is one of the most expensive fabrics which are mostly used for haute couture wedding dresses for most high class women. It s not only glamorous but it is also sophisticated. It has lightweight texture with lustrous finish.  Most wedding dresses using this fabric is delicately hand made.


Nothing can beat lace. Laces are mostly featured in various opulence designs of floral. The most favorite one is a conventional textured pattern with embroidery. Originated in the mid of 18th century, lace has been expanding significantly from handmade to the use of very advance technology without leaving the artistic side. The most famous lace is from french though it was originated in German. Lace is perfect especially with the beaded and hand ribbon as the embellishment.

Silk Taffeta

This kind of fabric can be used in almost any dress and it is mostly affordable. The fabric is a bit crisp and it has slight characteristic of paper so that it is best for add the volume of a wedding dress without gaining a volume. Almost all dresses with silk taffeta look fresh and chic. Its texture surface is indeed appealing with slight finish.

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