Body Shapes and Best Wedding Dress

There is nothing more important than welcoming a wedding day. All brides-to-be have been dreaming this for years and when the day is approaching, they can’t wait to perform their best in their gorgeous wedding dress. But not all women are born in the same body shape. Lucky for them who have good body shape as they can wear almost any kind of wedding dress—from strapless wedding dress to the ball gown style. But for those with plus size body or too petite one, choosing the best wedding dress can be a real challenge.

Best Dress for Petite One

As both technology and fashion expand very fast, so does the design of wedding dresses. You can find various sources of wedding dresses design for any kind of body shape from some bridal magazines or other online resources. Lots of designers know that they can make the most of this phenomenon by designing the best wedding dresses for those who have ‘certain body shapes.

A very petite woman will be perfect in sheath dress or A-line cut gown. But she should make sure that the gown should have its waistlines above the waist as it can reveal longer legs. As her body is very petite, ruffles and too many adornments will make her look even more petite. She shouldn’t choose for the ball gown wedding dress either.

A-line dress with waistline empire style below the chest with soft, simple fabric is best for big size women. Too loose dress should be avoidable. While modest silhouette wedding dress is for who is very tall. Just like both a plus size woman and a petite one, a tall woman should also avoid too much adornments like beading and ruffles. On the other hand, she is perfect with low waist wedding dress as it can reduce the look of long body.

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