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The main concern of a brides to-be before the wedding day is mostly the choice of a wedding dress which may be suitable for her body shape. Women were born differently and there is no reason to regret. Changing a body shape is almost impossible and the only thing that she can do is choosing the best style of her wedding dress. Go on reading the series of articles ‘Is This Your Body Shape’ which may be beneficial for you.

Apple Figure

A woman has an apple figure of body shape is when she has a big frame in which her hips, bottom and torso are big with slight waist line. When a woman has such a body shape, it is suggested that she should wear such wedding dress with slim waist and flared bottom cut. This is because the body shape is round though it is not classified as plus size, either. A-line cut with full details around cleavage can be the best choice.

A women with apple body shape can be seen as she has weight merely the mid part of her body in which the waist is very slim. For revealing the feminine characteristic of a woman, she can choose slim waist dress. Empire line is also good for her as well. All apple body shape women will look perfect on bodice style of wedding dress. But it should be noted that the waist figure can be designed with a bee-line for bias cut. Wonderful hug for such figure can be creating such illusion of the silhouette. It means, any woman with apple figure should avoid such dress like mermaid design.

Ball gown wedding dress is also best for this apple figure woman. She will look flawless with the strapless neckline dress which will reveal a great shape of her upper body.

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