Is This Your Body Shape : The Hourglass

If a woman has such a body shape, she is blessed with her flexibility in choosing any style of wedding dress. An hourglass body figure can be the most flawless body shape in which a woman has same size of both shoulders and hips. With the waist of well define size, an hourglass woman is free to choose even the sexiest wedding dress.

If you have this kind of body shape, you can imagine yourself as gorgeous as Kate Winslet and you can imitate the way she dresses. But at least, there will be less difficulties for this kind of proportioned figure kinds. An hourglass woman can be adapting to any kind of fabric. She can easily highlight the curves of her body by choosing mermaid dress for the best womanly figure.

Another best alternative is that she can reveal the cleavage area by choosing top of empire-line style. She will appear more lovely when she can choose the well fitted gown as it will perform the small waist. But a bride with hourglass shape should keep in mind that she may avoid revealing best assets at the same time because people’s attention will not be on the perfect figure. It is suggested that a woman with an hourglass figure can be showing one asset only because it will be attractive by all means.

The bride-to-be with an hourglass figure can play up the style of embellished gown with fitted wedding dress for accentuating the natural charm. The wedding dress should hug the tiny parts of body perfectly for the best look.  Best choices of wedding dresses can be the one with ball gown, a-line or sheath design. It is needless to say that this body figure will look best on strapless necklines or one-shoulder cut. Halter neck is another alternative. But in general, this body figure is very easy to adjust with any design, without exception

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