Is This Your Body Shape : The Pear

Though it is not as perfect as the hourglass figure, almost all women have such pear body shapes. This common shape, unfortunately, is the most difficult in finding the most suitable design of wedding dress. A woman with pear figure is mostly having bigger part on bottom with small cleavage and shoulders. It means, she should choose a wedding dress which can avoid the look of extra weight on bottom and hips.

But all women are beautiful creature and they will have the best wedding dress with her body shapes. This pear shape woman is blessed with that gracefully slim waist and torso in which no other body shape can boast. This J-Lo body shape can be wearing any dress featuring best asset and hiding disproportionate shape.

A woman with pear shape figure is free to reveal her smaller part of her body—the upper  half part—with the proper wedding dress designs. As she has to get a more appearance of proportioned body part, she is able to add depth on her upper half  in choosing a kind of skirt and sleeve which flows loosely into her lower half. This can flatter her feminine silhouette with incredible wedding dress design.

As a pear figure woman has small cleavage, she is recommended to select a corset with many details as they can create curves illusion. Open shoulders is recommended because this kind of body shape has a great, trimmed shoulder part which is best to be accentuated. With the small back weight, showing off back area is strongly advised.

The best styles for pear shape wedding dresses includes A-line and empire styled wedding dress which they can enhance her physique. The matched necklines will be strapless ones or circular halter necklines. However, this kind of body shape will not look good in flowing fabric and it is recommended to choose fabrics with volume like taffeta.

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