Lightweight fabrics for your wedding

Summer elasticity is a must to look and feel fantastic during your wedding night. Risk it all and choose the best designs. 

The favorite time for marriage is the summer. Weddings on the beach, outdoors under a bright sun care requires that brides look more certain details such as shoes, a long-lasting makeup and dress cool. The fabric of the wedding dress is also very important, so it should be a comfortable fabric, breathable and with a fancy fall.

In this sense, bridal fabrics- ideal for warm climates- are those made of natural fibers, especially silk or cotton. Among the most desirable fabrics are:

– Shantung: This is a thin fabric, shiny and delicate irregularities in the tissue. It is ideal for structured dresses without volume. It can be silk or cotton.

– Silk Chiffon: A finely woven, thin, with big drop and a slight touch rough.

– Crepe Silk: This fabric has two faces, one shiny and glossy and the other mate. Satin differs because it has a lot more fall and lightness.

– Silk Organza: Transparent, matte and slightly stiff, this fabric is ideal because it is vaporous yet allows cuts structured.

Also, for the groom’s suit it is ideal to go for linens and silk blends, which have an extraordinary freshness and greater fall. Finally, it is important to avoid artificial materials such as polyester, as they are extremely hot.

Dress in an original and modern way! Remember that if the tradition does not go with you, you can choose modern designs that will reflect your original and groundbreaking professionalism. Asymmetric necklines, short skirts, pantsuits and all sorts of different shapes are suitable to compose a unique image and character. Moreover, this presumption can play with colors and patterns; they acquire a crucial role in the outcome. Yes, the wedding style and the image must also accompany the groom so that everything is in perfect harmony.

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