Packing Your Wedding Dress

Without a doubt, you and your wedding dress are central to the wedding day. However, getting from your home to the place where the ceremony is to take place might turn out to be quite the challenge. The distance could be as little as a few blocks away or as much as a couple of thousand kilometers. Whatever the case, you need to be well prepared so that everything goes as smoothly as possible and your dress arrives at the desired destination intact. Here are a couple of options on how to pack your wedding dress.

In a box

A large box must be used. Its length has to be at least one-third of your gown’s front. Cover the bottom of the box with a tissue of some kind and put the dress over it. The gown has to be in the center of the box, face down and flat out. This is how you will avoid creases and wrinkles from forming. Begin with the gown’s side seams. The skirt is to be folded length-wise over the tissue. The skirt must not exceed the box’s width. Proceed with adding more tissue. The gown’s top has to be folded into the box. The bodice is going to be facing up. More tissue is to be used in the packing of the bodice. Make sure you cushion everything (sleeves, belts, bows, florals) that needs protection. Once you are done with the whole procedure, the gown has to be packed so tight that it doesn’t move around within the box.

In a suitcase

Provided that your gown is a ballgown or a generous A-line, complete with a petticoat, you will have to pick the largest suitcase you can. Otherwise, just like with the box, look for a suitcase, at least one-third of your gown’s front’s length. Remember, that your wedding dress has to be the only thing you should pack in the suitcase, other than the cushioning tissue. Basically, follow the same instructions as with the packing in a box. Again, don’t forget to stuff the bodice with tissue. That is how the wedding dress will retain its original shape.

In a Garment Bag

The first, and pretty much most important thing, when packing a gown in a garment bag is to find where the hangers of the dress are. Most wedding dresses little hangers that resemble straps. These straps are designed to the stress off your shoulders. Usually, they are found either at the waistline or at the armhole. Once you hang your gown on a hanger (make sure it’s a padded one, with additional cushioning), pack the dress with some tissue in its bodice in order for it to retain its shape. Provided there is a full skirt, the bottom of the bag needs to be packed in such a manner that the skirt will rest on it in order to eliminate any stress to the gown’s hemline.

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