Who can Wear Short and Long Wedding Dresses?

Most brides-to-be have lots of consideration when it relates to their choices of wedding dresses. While most wedding dresses are in long gown, there are some designers have designed short wedding dresses in such elegant ways. This makes all brides-to-be have more various choices these days, unlike previous years. But some women tend to avoid short wedding dresses due to the impression of less exclusive and formal.

Body shapes are the main factor why most women really concern about choosing between both kinds of wedding dresses. A short woman prefers to have short wedding dress though she can actually look good in long gown with strapless design. She can just choose the best shoes or stilettos for a taller silhouette. A short woman can choose halter neckline for revealing her bare neck.

Long wedding dresses are very common and they are considered compulsory for all wedding formal ceremonies. Traditional dresses for wedding are mostly in long form of dress and they actually are perfect for all women with any body shape. Lucky for those who have perfect body shape as they can wear almost any design.

One thing that should be taken into account is that long wedding dresses are not always appropriate on some wedding themes like summer wedding or beach wedding theme. It will be impossible in wearing long gown while walking the aisle on the sand. But short wedding dresses are still very gorgeous to be worn on the most formal wedding ceremony, unless a bride should wear traditional wedding gown or costume.

So, the main key here is choices are varied for those brides-to-be for choosing the best one that matches with their personality. Either long or short wedding dresses are never out of date and they are as gorgeous as they can be when they are in various colors instead of merely white. So, are you ready for your big day?

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